Boon SNUG Straw, Blue/Orange/Green B11149A



CA $8.38
  • Turn any cup into a sippy
  • Spill-proof
  • Stretches over most cup sizes (2.5”-3.75” diameter)
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LET’S DRINK TO THIS. Okay, technically Snug is made for kids who are old enough to drink through a straw but not old enough to stop spilling their drinks all over kingdom come. But the real beauty is that it’s perfect for just about anyone (you included, Butterfingers). Snug silicone straw lids fit over any regular cup with a 2.5”–3” diameter. Just pop in a straw and start sucking.


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H. Doidge-Sidhu
December 6, 2016
These are a super cool idea. However, there are three things to know:

1) the straws are HARD, and kind of sharp. So if your baby bobs their head towards food, it can hit them in the roof of the mouth pretty hard. We fixed this by attaching a silicone straw attachment we had from another bottle to the tops of the straws. However, that then kind of defeats the purpose of having all these extra straws kicking around since we only have one soft silicone topper.

2) if you push down on the cover, liquid shoots up through the straw due to forced air/compression. so they're NOT leak-proof.

3) baby can pull the straw out very, very easily.
February 3, 2017
These are a great idea, however because the kids are so soft, when you press on them, even not purposely... the pressure inside the cup forces the water or juice up out of the straw.

We have purchased the silly cup version of these as well and have loved them. I would 100% recommend getting those instead. We use these lids with the IKEA cups and they work great and fit perfectly.
October 19, 2016
These are great! I like to drink my water out of 1L glass mason jars, this is a great solution to put over the top. I'm also using them with plastic kids IKEA cups and they work great. They're easy to put on and wash well. If the cups topple over, they are spill proof. However, if you press down on the lid liquid will shoot out of the straw. When putting the cover over the cup be sure to remove the straw or you'll be wearing the drink. Overall, they're a great product!
February 17, 2018
These fit over most glasses in our house after an initial breaking in period - theyu2019re a bit stiff out of package but became more pliable after a couple of uses. Great for containing spills. Also love the reusable straws. We own a straw brush from cleaning but wish it came with one in the package.

We also learned the hard way that you must pull the cover as far down as possible so the top is taut and flushed with the rim of the glass. First few times we pull the cover just over the rim of the glass and left a big dome on top - toddler discovered that she can shoot jets of water out of the straw if she pushes on the dome!!! She had great fun with this dinner table water gun, hubby and I just counted out lucky stars that this didnu2019t happen at a restaurant....
August 23, 2017
Perfect for making a sippy cup in a pinch. Fit over many sizes, although I would caution using it on a flimsy cup, or letting the kids do it - it takes a bit of control to stretch it over the cup without spilling (which defeats its purpose entirely).
They wash nicer than sippy lids, too. Works with regular straws too (which is good because kids sometimes throw out straws....or they maybe melt in the dishwasher when the utensil holder has big holes for them to slip through)
August 26, 2017
Works quite well! The only issues are when you are stretching it over the cup to be careful not to tip the cup over (which I have done a few times now). Aside from that the only time we've had a leak is when my son blew air into the cup until it exploded out the top - and I won't blame that on the lid :)
Nikki F
July 8, 2017
My little one is too big for sippy cups, but still needs a lid to avoid spills. These work great; I've used them on Ikea children's plastic cups, and other brands/kinds of cups and they haven't failed. The odd drop will leak out if your child tips it right upside down, but still worth the investment. They've survived a number of handwashings and trips through the dishwasher and the straws being chewed on, and they're all in great condition still.
August 23, 2018
not a lid--a fountain. Impossible to fit easily over a cup without spilling the drink you've just poured in the cup. Cleaning up spilled drinks is less frustrating than trying to use these lids. and the straws are too small and too hard.

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