[2 Pack] Bestten 6-Outlet Swivel Surge Protector Wall Tap, 1000 Joule Surge Suppressor, ETL Certified, Black


Color Name:0U6A 2PK WHITE

CA $11.42
  • 6-Outlet Swivel Surge Protector Wall Tap, 1000 Joule Surge Suppressor
  • 6 protected outlets including 1 set of 3 rotatable outlets allow for convenient angles to plug equipment into without interfering with each other
  • 1000 joule surge suppression rating with EMI/RFI line noise filtering to help components perform at their peak. Diagnostic LED indicators alert user of protection and grounding status
  • Home and Office direct plug-in AC surge suppressor protects your computer/laptop, home theater system and other devices from a voltage spike and more
  • ETL Certified
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Color Name:6Outlets Swivel(Black)

Wall-Mountable Design with 6 AC Outlets
Wall-mountable design makes it easy to install,keeps floor space clear of clutter,no more cable chaos.
6 AC outlets allow you to power up to 6 electrical devices, perfect for desktop computers and accessories, phone/fax/modem, kitchen appliances, and standard household electronics.


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September 23, 2018
Fact - too many things these days come on cords with a large box at the plug-in end. How does one fit all of these into something like a power bar, when each box takes a minimum of two spaces (sometimes more)? This was the problem I faced near my TV, where I had one outlet but multiple devices with ridiculous plugs - and finally this problem has been solved! With the outlets spaced the way they are on this lovely device I can plug boxes into varying spots and still have space for a couple of normal plugs. I also very much appreciate the USB ports as I can connect my Roku in directly without needed a wall charger. I had been looking at getting a fancy power bar with sockets that swivelled, but this saved me money in the end and works great.
February 28, 2018
Sloppy product. First order was used, second was noisy, and has a constant buzzing noise even with nothing plugged into it. Some of the slots are difficult to plug in. When you look closely, the metal contacts/slots are not centered or aligned with the plastic opening. Some are in the middle, which explains why it takes quite a bit of effort even just to plug in a phone charger.
May 4, 2018
The unit only using one receptacle so I am not sure how much load it could bear before it blow the fuse. My old 6 outlet socket wall mount has two receptacle to the wall outlet so it spread out the load better ( the up and down receptacle is wire to different breaker). I am considering return it because of this reason.
August 7, 2018
I find these work well but they do not hold well into the original wall socket. If I try to pull a plug out the entire things pulls out of the wall. You have to hold it with your other hand when pulling anything out. Even so, it does not fit tightly into the existing outlet. Itu2019s a very loose fit.
August 9, 2018
Put one in the wall outlet behind each of two televisions. Perfect solution to the tv, cable box and gaming units plugs all vying for an outlet. So easy to access with the outlets pointing outward to the sides. Still a couple empty spots for any other plugs I might need to use. Very happy,
March 16, 2018
Would I order it again? No. Honestly it feels really cheap. You wonder how this cheaply made power surge adapter can prevent it burning out your electronics. Well you donu2019t. I guess weu2019ll see if it does do what it say it does
Amazon Customer
February 8, 2018
wow, commande reu00e7ue en 2 jours (et je ne suis pas prime!) Produit gu00e9nial, il fonctionne autant avec le Ipad que ma tablette acer ou les tu00e9lu00e9phones. avec la vis de fixation au centre, le bloc est tru00e8s stable et solide. il ne risque pas de sortir si vous du00e9branchez un appareil. Tru00e8s satisfait.
November 28, 2017
Good quality. Works as described. I like how the ports are firm and when I plug my 2010 MacBook charger, it doesn't slip and fall down. Unlike other plugs I use, they are too lose and my MacBook charger doesn't plug in snug. Definitely a big plus!

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